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How to export an Apple System Profiler report

Choose New Report from the File menu. In the dialog box that appears, select the items you want in your report and click OK. Choose Chooser from the Apple menu.

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Click the port the printer is connected to. Close the Chooser by clicking the Close box.

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Whatever is in the Apple Menu Items folder appears in the Apple menu. In the initial display, Hardware is highlighted, providing an overview of your system hardware, as shown in Figure 3. Suite Glendale, CA Instead of each application reimplementing code, the operating system can provide commonly used functions in the form of a shared library. There are some models where the L2 cache card is inconveniently located, and in some cases, it is soldered to the motherboard and cannot be removed. Networking Detailed information coming soon!

Click the name of the printer you want to use. Drag and Drop Most information displayed in the ASP window can be moved to the desktop or to other applications by using drag and drop.

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This provides a quick way to export specific portions of the ASP information. Move the mouse pointer over the information you want to export. Drag the information to the desktop or application. The speed indicated on the G3 or G4 chip on my Sonnet processor upgrade doesn't seem to match the speed of the upgrade I purchased.

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What's the story? The computer's standard startup process takes noticeably longer after upgrading to any Mac OS 9. System will not finish start-up process. Hang or crash occurs before desktop appears. To fix this issue, remove the computer's L2 cache card.

There is no loss of performance or any other benefits when the original L2 cache card is removed. Important Note: Be sure to take all precautions against static discharge during this process, or you may inflict permanent damage to part, or all of your computer. In most cases, it is clearly identified by markings on the motherboard, and its socket is offset from the others.


In these configurations, there are no clips holding the card in place, so it should lift straight up and out of the machine. If the card has been in place for years, it may be difficult to extract, and care should be used to gently work the card out. There are some models where the L2 cache card is inconveniently located, and in some cases, it is soldered to the motherboard and cannot be removed.

Consult your computer's documentation for the location of the L2 cache. If it is soldered on, contact Sonnet's customer service at for further instructions.

The ASP calculates the MHz speed using multipliers and the logic board bus speeds known at the time it was created. The chips on these upgrades have a maximum multiplier of 16x.

But, Apple System Profiler does not recognize this advancement. This utility can be found under the Apple menu after installation.