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As with most media streaming services, the quality of playback is heavily dependant on the bandwidth of your Internet connection.

If you own iPhones, an iPad, or a Mac then this is a perfect option for you. Restore Apple's music player to its former glory with these essential cleanup tips.

Rent movies from the iTunes Store

Just like with Amazon, you have the option to buy the movie permanently, or rent it for 48 hours from the moment you first start watching it. If you own an iPhone, then obviously you can access your iTunes library just as you normally would. But even that may not work due to DRM restrictions. This actually seems to be reflected in the quality of playback in the iTunes client app a well. When you play a movie in iTunes, the player fills the screen completely and has the capacity to play movies on a wide-screen, high resolution laptop, or any kind of large screen display you may have.

In , Walmart saw the potential of the online movie rental business, and purchased the company Vudu. Today, Vudu is as now as ubiquitous as Amazon and Netflix these days, on most popular streaming devices. If you ever find yourself running out of movies to watch on Amazon, YouTube, or elsewhere, Vudu is actually a great place to turn. The nice thing about Vudu is how simple the filter feature is. You just check off the items that are important to you. The app has all of the same features, including range of movie and TV show choices, filters, and Chromecast functionality.

One thing we noticed while testing the various streaming options is that Amazon sometimes had lag or problems with freezing up when streaming content to Chromecast with the Chrome browser.

1. Amazon Movies

As with any other service, always keep in mind that purchasing higher definition versions requires more bandwidth, so make sure you have the internet bandwidth available! Vudu App on iTunes Free. Google Play was one of the last online movie rental resources I personally turned to, mostly because I was tired of running out of choices elsewhere.

2. Amazon Video On Demand

You may not find a whole lot of different choices here, but there are a lot of them. Purchasing movies through Google Play is just as easy as anywhere else.

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All you need is a credit card, and you can start watching any of the movies available on the site in just a few minutes. When you purchase via the web, Google obviously natively supports streaming to your Chromecast device. Google supplies a list of other devices that support streaming from Google Play.

The available PDF download includes over pages of devices, including mobile devices. Google Play Movies is also available on the Google Play app. The GUI on mobile is really easy to use. In Google Play, SD is available for any supported device. Google Play Movies on iTunes Free. There are movie categories like new movie releases, hot deals, or top selling, but the front end for searching through movies leaves a lot to be desired. Unlike Vudu or Amazon, the filtering option is pretty much non-existant. The volume of available movies is just about as plentiful as Amazon though, and the prices here usually align perfectly with Amazon rental prices.

Renting via the YouTube website is really simple. YouTube has casting natively available on its website video player. Amazon has not embraced the Chromecast culture, due to their push for adoption of the Fire Stick. But if you do own a Fire Stick, then Amazon will probably become your preferred rental option. All of the video resolution choices available at other online rental services are available at YouTube as well.

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Even though the players are simple, the playback quality is awesome for both the web and the mobile versions. You can easily stream high definition movies to HD television sets so long as your internet bandwidth can support it. YouTube App on iTunes Free. Having so many options is great, but it can also be overwhelming. You can rely on every service listed above offering movies at the quality-level you need for your preferred devices. The only real deciding factor is what those devices are. So fire up your favorite streaming devices and get started watching some great movies! Read More , we have a cool list for you.

Image Credit: Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. This article does not mention availability of each service by country. I'd like to download some TV shows and movies to my Mac laptop before I go, so that I can watch them offline while in the air. Most sites seem to be focused on streaming these days, so what are my best options for obtaining offline content?

I'm in the U. I just did this. Obviously you do not have to transfer to an iPad.

Watch your movie rental on any Apple device

The movie can only exist on one device at a time. And keep YouTube bookmarked. This guide will help you set up and start using your Amazon Fire Stick without any stress. Tap Rent and enter your iTunes Store password. If your taste in film skews toward the independent, informative or obscure, Snag Films might be an excellent bet for free content. The visual quality of Netflix's content doesn't match that of either the iTunes Store or Amazon Video On Demand—both of which look quite good.

I also borrowed some dvd's fm my public library and burned them to disk handbrake. So you can rent a non-streaming movie from iTunes? That seems ideal. I'd rather not have to buy movies I will likely only watch once. Download but don't start watching yet I have a Macbook Air, not an iPad, though I don't think that should make a difference. Rent movies on iTunes. Download but don't start watching until you are on the airplane although I think the rental stays valid for several days after it begins to be viewed. Yes - you can rent movies on iTunes.

Make sure you select the download option after you rent it. Then it will be stored on your computer for 30 days, and you can start watching anytime within those 30 days.