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Great call sheet guys! Good job and very much appreciated. I may be an idiot with Excel — but can anyone shed some light on this?

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Thanks Lan — I knew it was going to be so simple — and boy do I feel stupid. I think I need brush up on Excel. Pre-Production Resources - Watch Indie. They also include personalized call times, manage cast and crew, and production document backup. This is a shady and spammy comment. Great stuff!

Great call sheet template! Anyone else use StudioBinder to send and track their call sheets? Search profiles for: Advanced Search Options.

Organize your production with this free call sheet template.

They shared this with you as a favor. There are too many details to have everything perfect on the first try. General Crew Call: Popular Posts. Video Editing. The columns usually specify their cast ID and character names, work day status, and various call times as needed e. Addresses for any key locations of the day should be listed in this section.

Free two page Professional Call Sheet Template. Please download it and use it for free. Here are the direct download links: Making a Call Sheet For You dps. Can I get this in a format that I can open in Pages? Scott Smith. Greg Cervall. Thanks for that. John Hill.

This is an excellent example of a call-sheet. It is simple and easy to understand. Great job! I have open office and it opened just fine. Have you update Open Office recently? Probably not, I use it so rarely — thanks for the tip! Hi Lindsey! David from Out Go The Lights. Frederic VT. I am only getting the first page with the PC download. Rebel Cinema Ent.

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Please feel free to contact us and give us feedback on the free call sheet template and film production documents. Is there anything we can do to make the . I've looked high and hard for a great call sheet template even a good call looks like, which is available in both Mac and PC Excel versions.

Anderson William. Thanks so much! Will you let us know when the shorter on is available please? Thanks in advance! Renze Boeren. Thanks guys! It's also a sensitive topic for some, so make sure your ordering hierarchies are correct! For a full breakdown of crew department and ordering, read our expanded post: The Anatomy of a Callsheet: Creating a call sheet with a call sheet template spreadsheet is a repetitive task, and it can be a drain on your limited production hours.

After that, you can spin-off copies of it for every day of the shoot and add the missing details. When using a traditional method to create film call sheets, it is very easy to mix up your files and spend hours working on the wrong version. Or worse, you could send the wrong call sheet out, making your production look amateurish. For this reason, it's best to practice good folder sorting practices as you create them.

Each shooting day folder will eventually contain its respective call sheet, and any supporting materials to attach to emails when distributing the call sheets e. Here is a step-by-step guide to keeping your call sheets properly named so you can avoid costly version confusion.

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Start by making sure that your simple call sheet template includes the word "Template" in the file name, and when it was last updated. Something like this:. Replace "Template" with the shoot day and update the filename, like this:. When you complete the call sheet, save it as a PDF in the same folder.

The new PDF file should have the exact same name as the Excel file. Is this If you're using StudioBinder to create your call sheet online, all call sheets are securely backed up in the cloud, and easily accessible in the future when you need to put together your wrap binder. Each call sheet PDF should consist of only one day.

Multi-day call sheets are rarely made for two reasons:. The potential for confusion when sending multiple call sheets at once is extremely high. You could have the wrong people showing up at the wrong location. This is an on-the-go industry where people practically live off of their smartphones, so make sure to include a map link URLs on the call sheet. That way, talent and crew can just tap the link on their smartphones to easily pull up driving directions.

This is especially great when doing company moves. We recommend making only the parking locations into map links. Otherwise people may drive to the set location and delay your shoot.

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All call sheets are optimized for smartphone viewing, and call sheet recipients can tap to call, text, or email any production crew members who have exposed contact details. Weather changes frequently. With each change to the weather, even a subtle one, comes change to the plan. Always double-check weather information three days out. Then check it again the day before the shoot. Then check one more time the morning of the shoot to see if conditions have changed. Accuracy matters which is why we made sure that StudioBinder would auto-check the latest changes in weather on every page load.

Never send your call sheet to cast and crew in its native file format. Secondly, cast and crew may not have the appropriate software to view these formats.

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Instead, always export and send a PDF version. There are too many details to have everything perfect on the first try. Do everything you can to make sure you catch those errors before you send it out. The first error check needs to be by you. You created the first version, and you want your work to reflect quality. Here are some recommendations for catching mistakes:. Catching your own mistakes is better than having someone else catch them. But having someone else catch them is better than having mistakes… so….

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Make sure you share it with all the crew chiefs to get approval first. Be conscious of how you may be interrupting. Say you have Scenes 1, 2, and 3 scheduled for tomorrow. You go back to your call sheet and rearrange the schedule. Then you update call times for the affected talent and crew. If you had not made that check, you would have had to scramble at the last minute, creating a much bigger mess.

But fixes are rarely this simple either. In many ways you end up piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. But the point is this: Generally speaking, the 2nd AD creates the first version of the call sheet. And since the UPM handles everything on set, they will likely have a say in its approval as well. The next step would be to send it to the 1st AD for final approval. If the director, UPM or 1st AD request changes, make them and let the department heads know of the changes.

StudioBinder has a call sheet approval system to manage notes, feedback and digital sign-offs in the cloud. This timestamp of approval becomes your digital paper trail. Make sure to brush up on the differences. One of the most difficult parts of sending out call sheets is keeping track of who gets the call sheet each day, especially if you have different cast and crew for each day.

Ideally, a distro list also includes a schedule of which days each person will need a call sheet. We find it easiest to create a spreadsheet, with the contacts along the left side of the chart, and the shoot dates along the top. That way, you can put a 1 in the box on the days where each person will be on set and a 0 on the days they are not. Do not forget to include people in your distro list that need to be kept informed, even though they may not appear on the crew call sheet. It is easy to forget to send a call sheet to agents, since their name does not always appear on the call sheet.

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This list is constantly changing, so, just like your call sheet template, make the distribution list a living document. Crew gets hired and fired. People call out sick. The schedule changes. Maintain this list, and sending out call sheets becomes much easier. If you're using StudioBinder to send call sheets, the distro list is already made for you when you generate a call sheet. You can also see the delivery status of a sent call sheet, how many times the recipient viewed their call sheet so you can call them out if they pretend they never got it , and whether they confirmed receipt similar to an RSVP on an evite.

Call Sheet Template

You may have a perfect call sheet, but there are many cast and crew members who dread reading. A carefully composed email body ensures they quickly see the pertinent details for the day. In most cases, the entire crew can get the same email. This especially makes sense if your entire crew is coming in at the general call time. However, if some folks i. In these cases you may want to send a separate email that clearly states when they should be on set.

Personalize the email for each cast member. If you send out a general call sheet to a rookie actor, they will almost certainly show up at the General Call Time, rather than their correct personal call time. The optimal time to send a final approved call sheet is hours in advance of the shoot day. This can vary though. Optionally, a preliminary call sheet can be sent much earlier so your crew can get a sense of the next shoot day.

Call sheet details are often changing, even up through the evening before the shoot. The shooting schedule, shooting order, weather, and equipment needs may need to be updated, as other factors shift. You want to avoid bombarding your cast and crew with new versions of a call sheet every time something changes. You also want to avoid version confusion. No matter how much you mention in your call sheet email for people to confirm receipt bold it, make it red This is a major liability for the production. Depending on the cast or crew member, if someone important does not show up to set at the right time, the shoot day could be jeopardized or stalled.

This may sound a bit primitive because it is , but traditionally this has been done by calling and texting every recipient, one by one, to get confirmation. As you can imagine, chasing down every single recipient every day gets old pretty fast. Yet this is a requirement for peace of mind. Your call sheet is only as good as the people receiving it. But there is another way of confirming call sheets that will take 10x less time. They also receive call time text messages with a link to view and confirm a mobile-friendly call sheet.

StudioBinder accounts are not required to view call sheets. You view the distro sheet in StudioBinder to scan the delivery status of the call sheet, and exactly who confirmed more importantly, who didn't. You glance at the view counts to see if anyone still hasn't viewed their call sheet. Based on that intel, you follow up with the people you need to if any , and then you go get some much needed rest. Try as you might to avoid it, there will be times when you must make a change to a sent callsheet. When you revise the original PDF, it is important to update the filename with the current version, date, and time.

This reduces the odds of the wrong version being circulated. A date and time stamp is better than just a version number:. Consistently naming your files this way allows them to be sorted easily for later reference. If you're using StudioBinder, you don't need to worry about versioning.