Sync music without itunes mac

Free and Fast Way to Sync iPhone Music Without iTunes

For those music lovers, iPhone is the most powerful and convenient tool to listen to music on the go. They have downloaded and saved a lot of purchased music on their iPhone. Sometimes, they have to transfer music from iPhone to the computer to free up more storage space, or sync music from old iPhone to new brought iPhone X. There are many tools in the market can help you manage iPhone music.

Besides, iTunes won't let you transfer music from iPhone to computer directly.

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This totally free software enables users to sync music between two different iOS devices or transfer music from iPhone to the computer or vice versa. In addition to music, users are also allowed to transfer notes, messages, calendars, photos, videos and more than 10 types of files without any limits.

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac without iTunes

Here below is the step by step tutorial to show you how to sync iPhone music from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes. If you want to put music to iPhone from the computer in the easiest way, here is the online guide. Step 1: Connect your old and new iPhone to the computer with two USB cables. Step 2: Step 3: When the process is done, go to open the Music app on your device to view the synced content. As mentioned above, MobiMover also allowed users to transfer files from computer to iPhone such as transfer videos from laptop to iPhone X. Whenever you want to manage data between iOS devices and computer, this software will help you make it in a few minutes.

How to Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes Mac

How to download Facebook videos to Mac for free? How to save Facebook v…. Cedric Grantham - How to transfer photos from laptop to iPhone X or iPhone 8 to enrich contents in a free and simple way?

Solution 2. Other Desktop Tools That Allow You to Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes

iTunes, by default, is the Apple designated tool to sync songs from music library on Like most users, I'd rather just add music to my iPhone from Mac without. mac to iphone music transfer without itunes. Above are the 5 ways to transfer.

Try to use EaseU…. It depends on what service you use, but generally, you can just open the app, go to your purchases, and download or listen from there. If the service is entirely cloud based, then you will just be streaming instead of downloading. People who just want a simple way to organize and transfer their media files, with no DRM or complications.

5 Ways to Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes Mac

This is a really simple method because you can download and organize your media files and play them with the same app. An example of this would be VLC. People who want to transfer music from Mac to iPhone without iTunes, have much free iPhone space and stable Wi-Fi connection.

Before you begin

Cloud services let you upload and download files from anywhere, including Google Play Music, Amazon music, Dropbox, etc. The exact steps are different depending on the service, but the principle is the same.

Above are the 5 ways to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes Mac. Give it a try and enjoy your music anywhere.

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Free and Fast Way to Sync iPhone Music Without iTunes - EaseUS

Method 1: Key Features: Sync iTunes library to iPhone without covering the existing library on iPhone. Extract music from iPhone to computer, iTunes or external hard drive, including purchases and non-purchases. Highly commended by lots of famed media, including Geekreply , tricksworldzz. It supports all music formats.

How to sync iPhone music without iTunes

Only transfer iTunes purchases, but not transfer purchases from other stores and files downloaded for free. It's very manually and time-consuming. You can't move the videos or movies to Videos app on iPhone.

There are a lot of steps. Instead of transferring directly from your Mac to your iPhone, you are transferring from your Mac, to the Cloud, to your iPhone, so it can take longer. You need to install an extra third-party app on your iPhone. You need to go through Dropbox to access the downloaded videos.