Uninstall java on mac mavericks

How do I completely remove Java from my Mac?

If you for some reason want to keep a different version of Java around, don't remove anything but the JDK itself first command. Make it really simple By doing it this way you are removing ALL java jdk's, not only 8. This worked for me on High Sierra. How to install it again after such operations? Here's what I did to move to JDK 7. At this stage, you should see: I was able to install Oracle Java 8 and manage different Java versions on Ubuntu in under 5 minutes.

I think this will only work for your shell environment not the environment an app like Intellij gets when you double click its icon.

Multiple Versions of Java on OS X Mavericks

Here is the official document about uninstalling the JDK. Lonre Wang Lonre Wang 2, 1 13 Just did this again, this did not work. Ended up with 'you have a newer version and its dead link. This links said: I nuked everything Java, JDK, and oracle. This answer covers a lot more bases.

Good bye, shovelware. Nazariy some of these might not require sudo but I just used it anyway. Long story short: But - how that is even possible?

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  • How to Uninstall Java on a Mac;

Java doesn't give me permissions to manage my mac? If the message is "Operation not permitted" try with stackoverflow. Danny Shi Danny Shi 41 1. This worked for me too Thanks a ton, helped fix the Fixing Unsupported major.

Uninstalling Java from MAC

To uninstall java of any version on mac just do: Karthik damodara Karthik damodara 1, 11 Would be easy to make a bash script out of that.. If you uninstall all the files but it still fails, use this line: Chris Mukherjee 7 This does not add anything. This worked perfectly for me: Qiu 4, 10 35 Neal Rauhauser Neal Rauhauser 2 1.

Removing the Java Runtime

The answer right above yours says the same thing?? Linked Related So today is the day you remove it. Or stop using that application and find a better alternative. This is easy enough.

Open up a Terminal window and paste in the following two lines. Open up a Terminal window and type in or paste the following command to switch to the correct folder:. In my case, there was.

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And then use the TAB key to make the shell complete the file name. It should look something like the following screenshot, but the number might be different in your case:. And then a little dialog box will pop up with the OK button highlighted, indicating that everything is going to be OK now. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.