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It looks a lot better than considering it was made after and in this same review the graphics are praised aside of the cut scenes. OS X My System: The Good: A nice refreshing strategy game from years ago.

Command And Conquer Generals Mac Review

The single-player campaign has the well-geared components of a solid story. The Bad: Many of the graphics are from It feels like a mod for Starcraft. The first one. Matchmaking and multiplayer are after-thoughts at best. Next Heroes of the Storm Mac Review. About The Author.

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Generals also includes a map editor named World Builder for the PC edition only. Now on the counter-offensive, the United States provides air support to the Chinese as they launch a counterattack into GLA-occupied Balykchy , almost completely destroying the city. As with other real-time strategy games, the various units have advantages and disadvantages against other units, and the player is encouraged to mix unit types in order to succeed and fight tactically with various unit abilities in order to win. Radeon HD , NVidia: Bill Brown Mikael Sandgren. My System: Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic.

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3 days ago With the release of macOS , Apple has disabled Game Center for all and newer Macs. With that, multiplayer for C&C is. 4 days ago C&C: Generals Deluxe is crashing on and With that, multiplayer for C&C is disabled and is a single player game ONLY and has been FAQs: Command & Conquer: Generals Deluxe Edition (Mac App Store).

The U. Command and Conquer Generals operates like most other real-time strategy games, in that the player must construct a base, acquire resources, build various combat and support units, and defeat opponents. The player may control the United States of America, the People's Republic of China, or the Global Liberation Army, and each side has its unique characteristics and abilities. All sides share some similarities, such as training infantry at a barracks, building armored vehicles at a factory, possessing "high tech" buildings needed for more advanced units, possessing a means to acquire additional resources and possessing a unique superweapon.

The United States relies on an arsenal of high-tech weaponry and a dominant air force; however, it is the most expensive army in the game to maintain. China relies on the power of propaganda and hordes of troops and tanks to overwhelm their opponents, the drawback here being that its troops must be able to form the larger army in the match. The GLA is considerably weaker in a head-on engagement, and must rely on underhanded, sneaky, shoot-and-scoot tactics to defeat its opponents.

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The game's interface is similar to that of real-time strategy games such as Age of Empires or StarCraft. The player selects buildings to bring up build orders and purchase upgrades, and can select individual units to activate their special abilities. Structures are built by selecting dedicated builder units U. A and China: Construction Dozer. As with other real-time strategy games, the various units have advantages and disadvantages against other units, and the player is encouraged to mix unit types in order to succeed and fight tactically with various unit abilities in order to win.


As the game progresses and the player defeats enemy units in battle, the player will gain "experience" points, which are used to purchase "Generals Abilities," unique abilities that range from enhancing units and unlocking new unit types to powerful air strikes, one-shot enhancements to units, targetable "spawn points" to drop or create groups of units anywhere on the map and even earn cash when you kill an enemy unit. As individual units attack and defeat enemy units or capture buildings, they gain "veterancy" and become more powerful, much like the General commanding them.

Higher-ranking units attack faster, have more health, and heal or repair themselves. A chevron on a unit's picture represents that it has become a Veteran.

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Two chevrons represent Elite and three represents Heroic. Elite and Heroic units are the ones who can heal and repair themselves. Also, the more chevrons a unit has, the more damage it inflicts. In a single-player campaign, a player can play any of the three sides in any order, with each side's campaign consisting of seven missions. Additionally, there is a training mission that can be accessed directly regardless of the player's progress in the campaign.

In this mission, the player is fighting as the U.

Games can be played both over the Internet or a local area network LAN. Games over the Internet can be completely random, in the form of a Quick Match. Players can also play in Custom Matches where the number of players, the map and rules are decided upon by the host. The online feature originally worked via GameSpy servers.

After the shutdown of GameSpy in , these were no longer available. A replacement online option has been developed by Revora. The software, instructions and support can be found on CnC Online. Generals presents players with a separate musical score for each faction. China's musical themes feature apocalyptic, orchestral scores combined with East Asian instrumentation. The GLA faction's theme soundtrack can be described as a combination of Middle Eastern and few South Asian sounds coupled with heavy metal music , similar to the music in the Somalian sequences in Black Hawk Down.

Each of the three factions has a play style that corresponds with its real-world counterpart. Every faction has advantages and disadvantages.

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Each one also has upgrades to improve its army. All of the factions, when played in the correct order, create a storyline of events. Generals takes place in the near future. The United States and the People's Republic of China are the world's two superpowers, and are the targets of the Global Liberation Army, a large, well-organized terrorist organization, fighting as a fanatical irregular force.

The United States and China are depicted as allies in the series, and frequently co-operate with each other throughout the storyline against the Global Liberation Army, which is depicted as an omnipresent, borderless terrorist organization with unclear goals beyond opposition to and expulsion of both China and the United States.

Generals also includes a map editor named World Builder for the PC edition only.

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After its release, Generals received mostly positive reviews. In the United Kingdom, it sold over , units during the first half of This made it the United Kingdom's second-best-selling computer game for the period, or seventh across all platforms.

At the time, Kristan Reed of GamesIndustry. The Generals series is banned in mainland China. Chinese forces also liberally use nuclear weaponry in-game, albeit restricted to the lower tactical nuclear weapon yield range. Furthermore, in the introduction of the game, Tiananmen Square and much of Beijing is destroyed by a stolen nuclear warhead. The BPjM stated that the game would give underage people the ability to play the war in Iraq before the real war had even begun. Based on these two points the BPjM put the game on the Index, because they believed it glorified war.

Therefore, sale to minors and marketing the original version of the game were prohibited throughout the Federal Republic of Germany.

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In September , an expansion pack called Generals - Zero Hour was released, which continues the story of Generals. Generals 2 , was announced, due to be released in On October 29, , it was announced on the game's website that it was ceasing production and that "this version of the game" would be cancelled, with refunds being issued for all money spent by consumers on the Alpha version. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

February 10, EU: February 14, Main article: Generals factions.

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